What I learned From Mr. Perfectionist – Aamir Khan

Mr. Aamir Khan – One of the most influential actors and popularly known as Mr. Perfectionist. We all would probably have referred to him as “Mr. Perfectionist” many times in several conversations.  I am certain that you would have on several occasions thought, debated, contemplated and been very curious about what goes on in the mind of Mr. Perfectionist? During the 2hrs power-packed interactive session, Aamir spoke on several topics and shared some amazing lessons.

Here are some phenomenal lessons that I learned:

On Decisions:

While most people think, to be a Perfectionist one must take every decision after thoroughly analyzing. Only when you are 100% aware you must move forward. Most of us think of it as “Intelligent Decision” making. In the age where we are trying to equip ourselves with tools, techniques, market research strategies to make a well-informed decision, here is a whole different perspective:

  1. Make Decisions Instantly –  Delayed decisions usually turn out to be mediocre. They are mostly over analyzed and made complex due to over thinking.
  2. Rely on Your Intuition and Your Gut – Often decisions made by your gut turn out to be the right ones
  3. Make The Decision – You can always research later and make corrections(if needed) while you are on your journey


On Education:

 Formal education and self-education are two different realms of leading a successful life. Formal education might give you the knowledge but self-education, experiences, setbacks give you the real wisdom which sets you onto the path of real success.


As the famous quote of Jim Rohn –   “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune


On What Sports Teach You:


Some of the most insightful lessons that came were from how and what sports do to our lives.

In the current education system, while we give a lot of priority to the subjects like Math, Science, etc. Very little priority is given to Sports. Subjects might feed your intellect but sports become the building blocks of life. They inculcate the right attitude and behavior. Some of the most important lessons that sports teach us:

  1. Work as a team
  2. Accept victory and defeat
  3. Build more persistence
  4. Stay focused
  5. Help, Support and Care For Everyone


On Corruption & Self Respect:

The root of most of the corruption around us is due to lack of Self-Respect. Corruption is not limited to one section, we are all part of it. If we truly want to eradicate corruption at the root, we must educate ourselves and others to respect “The Self” and raise the “Self-Worth”.  When we truly start to value ourselves more, when we value people, every profession, task and give our best, when we raise our self-worth, we would not indulge in any form of corruption.


On Winning & Being Happy:

The whole world teaches you to run after medals and awards. In fact, we are obsessed with winning world-cups and medals. In the whole process, no one teaches you to be happy and to love what you do and to love the fellow human. If your focus is to just win, you may not be happy ever, but if you are happy you can always win the hearts of millions of people around you.

Be Happy and You will be Victorious!



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